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    Hedge Dream Came True

    Imagine your garden is full of hedges and trees within a day which looks so different as never before. The hedges which promise to be with you for decades. But in reality, you are not enjoying hedge, you are struggling with time. The time where you spend all day in planting a hedge and waiting for years to grow that finished hedge.

    To let you enjoy your precious time with hedges, we at hedgerow provides finished hedges. We aim to deliver you the best garden hedges in 3 different sizes. All you have to do is, maintain them as we give you hedges which is fully installed.

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    Wholesale Finished Heges

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    Fagus Sylvatica

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    Prunus l. Schipkaensis

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    Prunus laurocerasus

  • Garden Hedges

    Urban Garden

    Small gardens, courtyard, balconies, and even a rooftop looks perfects when it is complemented by quick instant finished hedges. Such type varieties performs great in containers and planters. Also there are some hedges, which have root structure able to withstand with hedge planting pots or containers. Such urban hedging is common yet very popular these days.

    Cottage Garden

    Rural homes, farmhouses often completed by large varieties of hedges. Box hedge sized are frequently used in such gardens to showcase large varities of vegitables grown. Such type of gardens encourages someone's tradition and culture.

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    How to Plant a Hornbeam Hedge?

    As the colder months set in, gardeners often find themselves facing the challenge of maintaining a visually appealing and vibrant landscape. However, with strategic hedge selection, the beauty of your outdoor space doesn't have to hibernate along with the warmth. Let's explore some hedges that...
    Elevate your outdoor space with the best hedges available for sale in the United States, providing a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal. At our garden center, we offer an extensive selection of pre-grown hedging plants designed to enhance privacy and screening, available in both...
    In the realm of garden design, there's a timeless elegance that comes with well-maintained hedges, and the Green Mountain Boxwood (Buxus) stands as a paragon of this classic beauty. Known for its evergreen charm, low-maintenance nature, and deer-resistant qualities, the Green Mountain Boxwood is...
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